3. Choose an Attachment Beam

Our triple 2x6 Attachment Beams are much stronger than solid 4x6 beams. A 2x6 cap across the top of the beam adds strength and rain protection. The beam is supported by laminated 4x4 posts and sturdy wooden angle braces which make this attachment a very durable structure. Attachment Beams are available in five different styles and at three different levels (heights). First choose the style, then choose the level. Finish by choosing the swing attachments of your choice.

Wooden Swing Set 2 Position Attachment Beam Wooden Swing Set 3 Position Attachment Beam Wooden Swing Set 4 Position Attachment Beam

Attachment Beam 2 Position

Attachment Beam 3 Position

Attachment Beam 4 Position

    Swingset Attachment Beam Levels
Wooden Swing Set Disc Swing Attachment Beam Wooden Swingset Tire Swing Attachment Beam

Disc Swing Attachment Beam

Tire Swing Attachment Beam


Attachment Beam Styles

We offer five different Attachment Beam styles. Each style is distinguished by the number and type of swing attachments it offers. These styles, their lengths, and their available options are listed in the chart below. Choose the appropriate style for your family and then choose from the list of swing accessories that fit that style.


Choose the level that suits your taste and be sure it corresponds to the structure you have chosen.
Each level and the floor level to which it connects is illustrated below.

Wooden Swingset Attachment Beam Options Graph